FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Counselling sessions.

How long will it take?

I’m afraid it is impossible to say. Each case is different and people respond to counselling and psychotherapy in different ways. What I can guarantee is that your counselling program will be individually tailored to you and designed to help you resolve your issues at your own pace.

Will I beasked about my childhood?

It’s a bit of a cliche that counsellors always ask their clients to talk about their childhood. You will find that your sessions with a counsellor are wide ranging and will include a great number of topics, some of which you may not realise are related to your particular problem or issue. My skill as a counsellor is in understanding how all these topics are related and how the mind interconnects them, so that we can make sense of them and really get to the route of the problem.

Will i need to tell people I am having ounselling?

Not if you don’t want to. Counselling is a very personal process, and whilst some people find it useful to share their experiences with friends and family, others like to keep it to themselves. It is entirely up to you. As a result of counselling you might find that you want to speak to certain people about certain subjects, but you don’t have to tell them about the counselling if you don’t want to.

Do I have to pay for blocks of sessions?

No, this is because you are free to cancel at any time.

What happens in the very first session?

Within the first session, I will explain about the different types of counselling on offer. We will also go through the counseling contract.

If you have any questions about counselling, you would like to book a session or have a FREE consultation/chat, then please get in touch today. You can call or text me on 07759 625 248 or click here to send me an email on jmstevens793@gmail.com

Should I be unable to take the call?

Please leave a message and I will try my utmost to get back to you between my appointments.


My fee is £60 – £90 p/h (or the equivalent in US Dollars/Euros) for a session of psychotherapy, counselling or coaching. This applies both to face-to-face (local work within Wiltshire) and online. I also offer longer sessions, such as two hours, including the ecotherapy sessions in nature.


Payments can be made by debit and credit cards, online invoicing via PayPal/Square/Stripe.


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