Relieve Stress & Anxiety


Regaining Emotional Balance


Trauma Resolution


Greater Self-Confidence

Communication issues:

Not knowing how to communicate with your partner, friends or relatives, or a feeling of not being heard and understood that often leads to feeling frustrated, distant or isolated

Conflict and arguments:

Getting stuck in a repeated pattern of constant argumentation and conflict that can at times lead to more serious forms of abuse and physical or emotional violence

Affairs or mistrust:

The breakdown of trust when an affair is suspected or has been discovered, or when you, yourself are involved in an affair

Separation/Divorce and ending a relationship:

I can provide help with coping with separation or with exploration and support to work through the ending of a relationship, either individually or as a couple

Life changes:

Issues that affect relationships and are related to pregnancy, births, relocation, childrearing and parenting, step-families, redundancy or unemployment, death of a partner or parent

Sex and intimacy:

Lack of sex and intimacy, concern about partner’s sexuality or coming out, sex addiction and pornography issues

Workplace relationship issues:

Stress and anxiety related to difficult relationships with managers or colleagues

Mental health and disabilities (partner’s):

Issues related to anxiety, stress, depression or addiction that affect the relationship. I also work with individuals that are in a relationship with a partner that has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or Asperger’s syndrome.